UN International Day of Peace

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“Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of education.” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori

Montessori believed that the work of education, the established purpose of what we do as educators, is to teach and inspire peace in our children. With respect comes great reflection and responsibility; when we respect our students, your children, we are given the gift of the child’s reflection and sense of responsibility to join together in whatever action we ask of them to further the purpose of peace or knowledge.

This starts with the meticulous preparation of our classroom environment for our students, to the greeting of each child with a handshake, to making every moment that we can a special one. When a child displays peace, kindness, empathy or an interest in a part of the classroom (material or otherwise), we observe and explore that moment with them. When we are not able to be there because we are celebrating another moment with a different child, an older or younger peer or an assistant will be there – helping a child remember that he or she is seen and important in the moment of doing the right thing at that time.

The essentials for peace education are integrated into our Montessori curriculum at OMS Montessori;

Casa: Continent and Peoples of the World studies, which provides a global view of life and humanity’s part in it.

Lower and Upper Elementary: This is the age of reasoning, abstract thinking, and an imaginative state of mind. Students continue their study of Peoples of the World, learning about the Fundamental Needs of Humans. They learn that the fulfillment of these needs varies by not only historical time periods, but also by geographic location. With emphasis placed on the family of humankind and the interrelationship of all life, Montessori students begin to realize that they are not separate from the rest of the world, but are an integral part of creating a harmonious world.

We are the models of peace. We are teaching and nourishing the peace keepers of the future.