Raising Resilient Children in a Digital Age

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natalia_JWM_4754w (1)Natalia McPhedran, BSocSc and author of Life With Kids: Empowering Our Children To Be Ready For the Real World, will present “Raising Resilient Children in a Digital Age” at OMS Montessori on Tuesday, April 14. Natalia speaks to parents of children under 12 who want to be proactive about what their kids are doing with technology. Natalia will touch on resilience: what it is and how it is learned at home, conscious parenting and parenting in the digital age: The importance of teaching children ethics and self regulation.
She presents current material collected from interviews with older teens, as well as knowledge she has gained from her own children’s experiences. Her presentations are ideal for anyone who wants to teach children to;
  • use technology responsibly;
  • build self-esteem;
  • be resilient when faced with social pressures and challenges at school.

To see a trailer of this presentation or to learn more about Natalia, you can visit her website: http://www.nataliacoachingyou.ca/.

The event will talk place at OMS Montessori (335 Lindsay Street) on Tuesday, April 14 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door. To reserve a spot or for more information, email Kendra at communications@omsmontessori.com.