Montessori and Compassion

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By: Pat Garneau, Director of the English Program

Last week, a younger Upper Elementary boy fell and bumped his chin on the floor resulting in the possibility that he might need stitches. He was very worried about this, asking if there were going to be needles, would it hurt and so on. While we were trying to reassure him, a group of older Upper Elementary boys burst through my doorway, asking if he was alright. He shared his concerns and they tried to comfort him, one boy sharing an experience he had when he needed stitches. He explained that he was more frightened by the whole “idea” of it rather than the actual situation. While he was talking, one of the others put his arm around the injured boy’s shoulder in a comforting gesture. Another, stroked his arm. You could see some of his anxiety falling away as they talked. I was touched by their caring, their concern, their compassion. As Montessorians, we try very hard to aid in the development of character in our students and surely this was a perfect example of the best what our school represents.