Ideas for Activities at Home over the Holidays

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Although the following home “work” suggestions are good for the whole year, the winter holiday may provide a little extra time for families to explore some of these ideas:

  • Involve your child and yourself in a community charity activity
  • Plan and prepare a dinner for your family together
  • Plan and prepare a dinner together for your family the way the Greeks, Mayans or some other ancient peoples of interest may have eaten
  • Read together and discuss books that touch the heart and fire the imagination
  • Visit a place of worship of a faith different than your own; talk to the people there and develop a global awareness of other cultures
  • Pretend that you have a thousand dollars to invest, ten thousand, or a million…make a family plan
  • Get out tape measures and some paper and help your child figure out how many square feet of carpet it would take to cover one or more areas of your home
  • Assist your child in building a square model of the floor plan of your house out of cardboard, one floor at a time
  • Make a list of all the things you might like to do with your lives – work, places to visit, developing an athletic skill, art, music abilities, as well as things you want to learn
  • Write a play and perform it for your family or make puppets and a puppet theater for the play performance
  • Master some magic tricks to perform
  • Interview the older members of your family and write a history of the family
  • Meet a local artist and visit the artist’s studio
  • Select a science experiment or art project to do together