Get out there and do it!

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Almuna student head shotAlumna student, Chloé Goodfellow, has fond memories of the “experimental” Grades 7 and 8 program she was a part of over a decade ago.

“Looking back, it was an amazing experience…” she said. “…it was such a small close knit group with high levels of customized individualized learning.” She vividly remembers developing different business ideas and the cooking program – two valuable aspects of our now established e1 (grade 7 & 8) program. “Talk about real life skills,” said Chloé. “…priceless, especially when kids are over-exposed to fast food temptations!”

Like many of her Montessori peers, she left grade 8 at OMS Montessori testing at a much higher grade level. As a result, she was able to fast track through her public high school and skip her last year. But despite her success, she found the transition from OMS to public school challenging as it “was not as stimulating or engaging.”

After graduating from high school a year early, Chloé pursued a wide-variety of ambitions. At her current age of 30, she recently moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, where she will complete a Masters in Human Resources at the Edinburgh Business School. Before this, she obtained a Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences with a Major in Public Administration & a Minor in Global Studies at the University of Ottawa while modelling internationally. She worked in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Milan, Paris, NYC, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, typically on three to six month contracts participating in fashion shows and photoshoots for print, catalogues and magazines, while also doing promotions, exhibitions, and show rooms. In addition to this, she was an equestrian show jumper for numerous years competing at the provincial and national levels.

Ever since her Montessori days, Chloé has always sought her next challenge. When she didn’t find it in Ottawa, after graduating from university, it only made sense for her to look abroad. This search led her to Dubai, where she obtained employment working as an Executive Recruitment Consultant specialized in the private equity and finance/banking services covering the Middle East region. Over five years later, she is starting a new chapter of her life in Edinburg where she sees herself, after completing her Masters, continuing a career in human resources, possibly specializing in change management and strategic planning.

Chloé is currently engaged and plans to get married in July 2016. She says as she looks toward starting her own family in the near future, she knows without a doubt that she will be sending her child/children to Montessori.

“I feel like Montessori gave me a hand-up in life,” said Chloé Goodfellow. “When I come across my Montessori classmates today, it is striking how almost every single one is doing something impactful with their lives, and that is what the Montessori system ingrains in us – get out there and do it!”