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Impressive work

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It is not uncommon to see impressive work unfolding around the school. In fact, adults often learn something new when they wander the halls of OMS. In the picture above, an Elementary student is working with a quadrinomial cube (a+b+c+d)3. Students created the fourth layer (d) of the cube by adding onto the Montessori trinomial cube.


How does Montessori get children ready for the REAL world?

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 Answer Well, let’s define the REAL world… At your job, is everyone the same exact age? Is everyone sitting at their desks, doing the same thing at the same time? Are they doing tasks that require them to access knowledge, off the top of their heads, in a timed setting? Or… Do you have different […]


Soccer tournament

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OMS Montessori participated in a Grades 4, 5 & 6 co-ed soccer tournament on October 9 at Venta Preparatory School, located in the Kanata area. The event was non-competitive and scores were not recorded. Instead, the event promoted fitness, sportsmanship and fair play. Despite the rain, the students had an amazing time!


Le Jour Des Franco-Ontarien

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On Le Jour Des Franco-Ontarian at OMS, you could see the Franco-Ontarian flag everywhere- on student’s shirts, in student’s hands, on the schools’ flag pole (once students from The Element put it up!). At the Elementary level, the Alouette class gave a short presentation- in French- to some of their English peers. The students discussed […]


The OMS Peace Path

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Maria Montessori was three times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize so not surprisingly, peace is at the foundation of the Montessori curriculum: peace in oneself, peace towards others and peace towards the environment. But at OMS, peace doesn’t just set the foundation for our curriculum. It is also a part of our physical foundation; […]


Staff Retreat

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Our annual Staff Retreat was a day filled with food, team-bonding and fun where we strategically planned the year ahead. At the Retreat, we once again recognized long-standing staff members celebrating years of service at OMS. Joanna LeBlanc, assistant, and Christine Magill, assitant, both celebrated 15 years at OMS Montessori. Emerenciana Mendonça celebrated 20 years […]