Board of Directors

OMS Montessori is a not-for-profit private school serving families of all religions, creeds and nationalities. The Board is comprised of nine voting Directors including five Parent Directors and four External Directors, and two non-voting members, a Staff Participant and the School Director.

Directors of the Board are elected for three years terms. The positions are staggered such that one third of the Board is elected each year. The Executive Officers of the Board (i.e. President, Vice President and Corporate Secretary) are elected by the Directors every year.

The Board operates under the Carver or Policy governance model. In this model, the Board sets policies for the operation of the school, hires a School Director to implement these policies, and monitors the operation of the school through these policies. The Board also creates strategic plans for the school.

OMS Montessori looks to the parent community for advice, expertise and potential Board Membership. You do not have to be a member of the Board of Directors to participate in projects being developed by a Board Committee. If you have a particular interest, please let any member of the Board or the school administration know.

OMS Board Nominating Process

The OMS Montessori Board Nominating Committee accepts applications from OMS community members interested in assisting its Board of Directors to achieve its mandate. Positions begin July 1 of each year, and consist of a three-year term. As with the different Montessori community levels, the Board strives to balance membership between: 3 members in their first year: 3 in their second year; and 3 in their last year.

Every year the Nominating Committee reviews the composition of the current Board, the skills of outgoing Board Members, and identifies areas of need to be met by incoming Board Members. This could be in relation to a nominee’s profession, previous volunteering experience, skill sets and interests. Previous volunteer engagement with the school is considered an asset.

Nomination Process:

Contact the Nominating Committee to discuss what sitting on the OMS Board of Directors means and to receive and complete the nominating form. Upon receipt of a complete nomination form, the Nominating Committee will forward a questionnaire to you for completion.

Following the collection and review of the nominee’s information by the Nominating Committee, two members of the Nominating Committee hold interviews, in person or by conference call, with the nominee. Each candidate will be assessed against the same established evaluation criteria.

Based on the information gathered, and the predetermined needs of the Board, the Nominating Committee will recommend to the Board potential nominees for that year. All nominees will be contacted by the Nominating Committee and informed of the status of their nomination.

Expectations of Board Members:

A Board Member’s elected term is three years.

Each year the OMS Board meets for a day (on a weekend) over the summer for Board orientation and to establish priorities for the coming year.

The full Board strives to meet once a month for regular Board business – arrangements can be made to participate by conference call. Board members are expected to participate in, or chair, standing and ad hoc committees as needed. On going Board and Committee work is completed between meetings and requires a varying amount of time, commitment and self-direction. Board members are also encouraged to participate at school functions (all-parents meetings, harvest feast, school dance, end-of-year picnic etc.).

If a Board Member resigns his or her position prior to completion of the first term, the Board may decide to proceed with the remaining membership until the next nomination period, or that a replacement member must be sought before the end of the year in order to continue and strengthen the work of the Board.

If you would be interested in supporting OMS through Board membership, please contact the Nominating Committee for more information at

Parent Involvement