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Maria Montessori was a woman ahead of her time — her theories are continuously proven, and encouraged, by modern scientists and psychologists. Below is a collection of educational and engaging videos and articles that support OMS Montessori’s mission and values. We hope you find these third-party resources enlightening.


This is genuis

Part 1: Dr. Steven Hughes Discusses Montessori

Part 2: Dr. Steven Hughes Discusses Montessori

Part 3: Dr. Steven Hughes Discusses Montessori


Article links:

Raising Montessori: 75 Ways to Montessori Parenting

What Parents Need to Know About Montessori Education

The Tendencies of Humans

The Silence Game In Nature – Empowering Children with Mindfulness

The World Needs More Montessori 

Kids Need to Move, Touch & Experience To Learn


The Growing Argument Against Homework

The Trouble with College


Audio clips:

A debate: Making the Case for No School